ASASA International shall conduct yearly scholarship and Award Day to honor our high school graduates from low income families as defined by the
U.S. Department of education, residing in Austin-San Antonio, Texas, that are college or university bound. Also, to recognize former college or university graduates from low income families that have excelled in their careers in the U.S. Selection of applicants to be considered for academic scholarship shall be based on grade point average (GPA), Income level and high school guidance counselor recommendations. The Scholarship and Award Programs shall be administered by the Scholarship and Award Committee, consisting of multi-racial members residing in Austin and San Antonio, Texas.

The Committee membership shall include retired school principals, university instructors, high school guidance counselors, high school teachers, university graduate students, and other professionals. ASASA International shall seek the participation of high school students of low-income families in Austin and San Antonio, Texas, in the Scholarship and Award Programs. The primary modes of contact with students shall be through their high school guidance counselors and ASASA International’s website announcements.

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